Ramona DeGeorgio-Venegas

Ramona DeGeorgio-Venegas is an environmental educator, with a love of both art and nature. She enjoys sharing ways for others to see, hear, touch, feel and appreciate the outdoors and make good memories of their experience. Prior to her retirement, Ramona was an outdoor recreation planner with the USDA Forest Service, where she worked with natural resources, trails and interpretation.

Ramona has served with the Peace Corps in three environmental education assignments to Chile, Peru and Guyana. Ramona also volunteered with the residential environmental education camp at Acadia National Park in Maine. She substitute teaches in Manistee County, and speaks fluent Spanish.

Interpretive Workshops with Ramona DeGeorgio-Venegas

Friday and Saturday Mornings
July 14 – August 5
Drop in, 9:00am-Noon
All ages welcome

Children and adults are invited to explore the Art Park this summer using Nancy’s interpretive techniques. Ramona will provide program choices for use on the trail or to be worked on at Discovery Grove that offer the opportunity to develop a more personal relationship with art and nature.

On the Trail

Create a visual journal of your journey though the Art Park by capturing shadows of things in nature and the art work.

Scavenger Hunt
This activity booklet will lead participants on a scavenger hunt through the Art Park to discover artworks that connect to wildlife and the natural surroundings.

Create a Poem
Gather words that reflect the art and natural surroundings of the Art Park to create a poem about your experience by following a simple format.

At Discovery Grove

Bird Sculpture
Create a bird from braches, batting, wrapped with yarn and other materials. These can be taken home and hung outside to provide nesting material for birds.

Rock Animals
With Sharpies create an animal on a rock.

Write a poem on 2 post cards. One you can send to a friend. The other we will mail to you later in the year to remind you of your visit to the Art Park.

John DeHoog and Brian Nelson

John DeHoog and Brian Nelson

2016 Artists in Residence

Instructors at Easter Michigan University, John and Brian are both intimately involved with art-making in the natural environment.

During the course of their residency at the Art Park, they will develop an installation in the art studio at the Parsons Center, involve Eastern Michigan University students, and engage the public through open studio time at the Parsons Center and during their installation at the Art Park.

The final installation will include 4 – 5 student pieces surrounding their larger artwork along the accessible trail at the Art Park based on the idea of “Sculp-itecture”. While the actual form, dimensions, and details will be developed during the residency, the work will have architectural qualities (openings, shelter, ingress/egress) and sculptural qualities (compositionally dynamic, purpose and proficiency with materials, and conceptual aspects that challenge the viewer). The piece will pay respect simultaneously to our state’s history of experimental modern architecture and the resourcefulness of life up North.

Artists Schedule

2017 Artist Schedule TBD

The Parson’s Center

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Lake Ann, MI 49650

The Eastern Michigan University Jean Noble Parsons Center for the Study of Art and Science is an interdisciplinary educational center and natural area located in Lake Ann, MI.

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