“Bouquet” was created by 2021 Artist in Residence Joshua Kochis at Michigan Legacy Art Park. We offer our Artist in Residence the time and space to create in and be inspired by the natural surroundings and the mission of the Art Park. Artists use the 30-acre park as their studio and source for inspiration during their residency.  

“Bouquet is at once a testament to the futility of human effort to undo the effects of ecological forces far beyond our control, albeit influenced by our collective action,” shared Kochis. “At the same time, making this sculpture and others like it is also an act of regeneration, giving fallen bodies another chance to stand up a little longer, not processing carbon and providing oxygen in the same way we depend on, but saying something else about resilience and cooperation in the face of that tragic futility I high-five in trying to ‘fix’ the broken forest by putting trees back together.” 

A graduate of the University of Michigan School of Art and Design, Kochis works in painting, sculpture, printmaking, mold making and casting, carpentry/woodworking, landscape design and material sustainability. His practice is focused on creating images, objects and installations that encourage a more symbiotic relationship with the natural environment and develop sustainable community spaces within that framework.

Funded by the Art Park’s Charles McGee Art Fund established in 2019, the residency awards one emerging artist a two-week creative retreat that includes lodging, studio space, and an honorarium for living expenses, travel and materials. The residency program is a partnership with Eastern Michigan University’s Jean Noble Parsons Center for the Study of Art & Science.