Michigan Blue

Michigan Blue – Collaborative Community Project

The 2022-2023 Community-created artwork is entitled “Michigan Blue.” Michigan Legacy Art Park encourages everyone to look at artwork in different ways perhaps inspiring them to explore new artist directions. Everyone from kids to adults are invited to paint or draw anything blue in Michigan onto 3 to 6-inch tree wood “rounds” or “cookies” with acrylic paint, permanent markers, or other permanent material. The Art Park will supply the rounds which are cut from fallen trees in the Art Park. Rounds become the property of the Art Park to include in the art installation onsite.

Subject matter might include water, lakes, streams, clouds, flowers, cars, clothes, or other things blue. They could also reflect emotional experiences or abstract artwork inspired by the wood itself. Teachers can connect this project to subjects in their grade-level studies. They can also use the rounds as teaching tools before students paint them.

Individual rounds will be combined with others to create one large artwork that reflects the shapes of different types of waves. Michigan Blue will be on display behind the Art Park’s Discovery Grove during the summer of 2023 and winter of 2024. This project is being led by environmental artist Patricia Innis with Dewey Blocksma as an advisor.

To learn more on partipating in this project, email [email protected]. To support this project with a donation, visit our donation page!

Exploring the Color Blue

  • How do two different colors of blue make you feel?
  • If you put the color blue next to a color like orange, does it change how you feel about it?


  • How does the color blue feel to the touch? Does it have a texture?
  • How might the color blue smell?
  • Describe what the color blue might taste like.
  • What kind of sound might the color blue make?

This artwork is supported by Michigan Arts and Culture Council, and National Endowment for the Arts.