Nourishing thoughts, his own and others, has long been the business of Dewey Blocksma. From early childhood he created to learn. “Drawing and making toys served as an emotional outlet and a means to understanding and making sense out of life’s experiences,” he notes.

Dewey Blocksma is a traveler on a pilgrimage “to get beyond phony identifications – beyond easy stories, easy surfaces and easy decoration.” And when he does, his work, like his comment, “I discovered today that a sparrow lives in the apostrophe at J.C. Penny’s,” is both whimsical and thought-provoking.

Blocksma never hesitates to share his travels and observations with youth. He regularly conducts workshops at schools and museums throughout the state among them the Kalamazoo Art Museum, Saginaw Art Museum, Rodgers City Elementary, St. Francis Elementary, Royal Oak Elementary, Northport High School and North Holland School.

He holds a B.S. degree in Chemistry from Wheaton College, an M.D. from Northwestern University and has done graduate study in bronze casting at Eastern Michigan University.

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