Michigan Legacy Art Park is led by a statewide board of directors that is actively engaged while governing. These members represent many fields of work, from artists and museum professionals to educators and business leaders.

2021 Board of Directors

Zach Hegg, President
Meghan Martin, Vice President
Maree Mulvoy, Treasurer
Terry Tarnow, Secretary
Josey Ballenger
Mary Ann Cheney
Tom Dawson
Heidi Lovy
Marilyn Wheaton


Joseph Beyer, Executive Director
Maddie Saucedo, Managing Director
Patricia Innis, Volunteer Education Director
Brian Ferriby, Conservator

Awards Received

President’s Plaque, Keep Michigan Beautiful, Inc., 2014
Governor’s Award for Innovative Tourism Collaboration, 2009
Great Lakes Cultural Award, 2004, Michigan Association of Community Arts Agencies
E. Ray Scott Award, 2005, Artserve Michigan, to Ken Stevens for Art Park Educational Programs
Governor’s Arts Award, 1998, to Crystal Mountain for MLAP Partnership
Community Arts Award, Traverse Area Arts Council

About the Art Park Founder

David Barr (b. 1939 – 2015)

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