Educators can use the sculptures in the Art Park as inspirational starting points for the study of topics in art, history, geography, science, language arts, and environmental studies. Michigan Legacy Art Park helps teachers achieve their academic goals by linking the sculptures in the curriculum through these programs and activities:

Field Trips

Each fall and spring, teachers from area schools bring their students on field trips to the Art Park – a place where their textbooks spring to life through the sculptures they discover while exploring nature.


Curriculum Connections At A Glance

Quickly learn how teachers of all grades and subjects can meet curriculum goals in collaboration with Michigan Legacy Art Park.


In The Schools

Bring an Art Park artist into your classroom for a 50-minute workshop inspired by sculpture in the Art Park or for a multiple-day residency for a unique learning experience. These programs make interdisciplinary connections and can be tailored to your specific curriculum needs.


Looking to Learn (Download the “Looking To Learn Volume I: Exploring Stories and Legends” Adobe PDF)

Looking to Learn is a series of theme-based booklets that help teachers link the sculptures in the Park with the curriculum.

Click to download these high res photos to use in the classroom:

To learn more about Lois Teicher and her work as an artist visit her website and watch her video, The Sculptor.

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