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Curricular Connections

The Looking to Learn series assists teachers in making interdisciplinary links between the sculpture in the Art Park and Michigan’s Merit Curriculum and Common Core Standards, as they become available. Download the “Looking To Learn Volume I: Exploring Stories and Legends

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Sculpture and Curricular Connections at A Glance

Here are some easy downloadable activities and lesson plans from Looking to Learn Vol. 1: Exploring Stories and Legends.
Teachers may download and implement the ideas in the classroom.

Third Grade:


Fourth Grade:


Fifth Grade:


Eighth Grade:


High School:

Special Education:

During a field trip to Michigan Legacy Art Park, environmental art projects engage students in learning. Here is a quick overview of the specific connections with the Michigan Merit Curriculum:

Art Standards, Benchmarks, and Grade Level Content Expectations

Third Grade ART.VA.II.3.1 Apply materials and techniques to problem solve in thecreation of art.

Fourth Grad eART.VA.I.4.4 Prepare, present, and collaboratively evaluate personalartwork.

Fifth Grade ART.VA.I.5.4 Participate in the process and delivery of a final product forexhibition or presentation.

Eighth Grade ART.VA.I.8.3 Select and apply visual characteristics and organizational principles to communicate effectively when designing and solving creative problems.

High School ART.VA.II.HS.2 Create artwork using materials and techniques with skill sothat personal intentions are carried out.ART.VA.II.HS.7 Create collaboratively to resolve visual problems.