Drop-In Programs

Drop In Workshops

Interpretive programs offer children and adults activities to develop a more personal relationship with art and nature.

Pine Cone Birds

To Be Announced for 2021
Create pine cone birds and nest with environmental artist Patricia Innis. Patrica has 4 works of art in the Park including Robins!

Interpretive Workshops

To Be Announced for 2021

Environmental educator Ramona DeGeorgio-Venegas shares her wealth of knowledge on the environment and natural resources as an interesting foundation for guests exploring the park. Visitors of all ages are encouraged to drop in to Discovery Grove for activities and insight.

Green Bingo: With a special bingo card, see how many different shades of green you discover as you explore the Art Park.

Art Scavenger Hunt: This activity booklet will lead participants on a scavenger hunt through the Art Park to discover artworks that connect to wildlife, natural surroundings and Michigan history.

Tree Scavenger Hunt: This activity will lead participants through the Art Park using the bark and leaves pictured on the sheet to identify tees.

Potato and Rock Prints: Create a print by pressing designs etched into potatoes on to paper as well as pressing the paper on to paint covered pebbles. Children will learn about the history of the potato in Michigan gain insights into how it grows.

Mobiles: Create a mobile from branches, pine cones, other natural materials and batting. These can be taken home and hung outside to provide nesting material for birds.

Ramona Workshop

About Ramona

Ramona DeGeorgio-Venegas is an environmental educator, with a love of both art and nature. She enjoys sharing ways for others to see, hear, touch, feel and appreciate the outdoors and make good memories of their experience. Prior to her retirement, Ramona was an outdoor recreation planner with the USDA Forest Service, where she worked with natural resources, trails and interpretation.

Ramona has served with the Peace Corps in three environmental education assignments to Chile, Peru and Guyana. Ramona also volunteered with the residential environmental education camp at Acadia National Park in Maine. She substitute teaches in Manistee County, and speaks fluent Spanish.