Brian Ferriby

Ferriby trained as an Artist at both Cranbrook Academy of Art and at the University of Michigan. He is currently engaged in an immersive studio art practice in both Sculpture and Printmaking, and is the Conservator at Michigan Legacy Art Park.

Artist Statement

I wholly subscribe to the idea of making your work out of what you know. That is the only way I can find to be authentic. That is why my work springs from my surroundings. Even when making abstract works, I have drawn my inspiration from a close examination of what is close at hand.  Universal questions can be approached if rooted in the specific. You have to have something to abstract from, and that specific something is close at hand.  


I am interested in place. I am interested in what happened or is going to happen in that place, whether it is yesterday or in the distant past. I am interested in decay. I am interested in menace. I am interested in what is just outside the frame. I am interested in what is just under the surface of our present reality. I am interested in making the unseen seen.

Works in the Park