Fritz Horstman

Born 1978

Fritz Horstman received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Kenyon College and a Master of Fine Arts degree from Maryland Institute College of Art. He has worked as an educator and currently serves as the Artist Residency and Education Coordinator at the Josef and Anni Albers Foundation where he brings workshops and lectures about his own work and about the curricula developed by the Albers and others at the Bauhaus, Black Mountain College, and Yale to schools and museums far and wide. He has also participated in numerous exhibitions and artists residencies both nationally and internationally

Artist Statement

In my art practice I address the ever-moving seam between nature and culture. It is a virtually indefinable territory, because it permeates every corner of human life. Every aspect of the dialectic is in response to its opposite. I select only a small portion of the myriad possible interactions to investigate. The modes of presenting my findings are diverse, reflecting the ubiquity of the subject. I employ drawing, photography, installation, objects, sound, and video.

Though my work often engages in issues with environmental concern, I do not mean to imply any directions for how anyone should act, only to explore the underlying principals of how human culture is constructed, and how it relates to the natural systems that are in place. I see ecology as the system with which an organism interacts with its environment. In that sense, my work is entirely ecological.

Works in the Park