During your visit to Michigan Legacy Art Park enjoy the unique and innovative benches along the way created by Michigan artists.

Granite by Tim Burke

Made from granite recovered from the renovation of Detroit Institute of Arts, this bench invites you to sit on all four sides to see the nature all around you.

Hillside Bench by Bart Ingraham
This bench echoes the terrain of the park, with the cuts through the bench representing the viewing lines that occur through the forest canopy.

Twin Oaks Bench by Joe Krajkiewcz
Using steel as his medium to showcase nature’s enduring strength, this Michigan artist created two overlapping white oak leaves to provide a resting spot for contemplation.

Core by Thomas Zaroff
This bench represents that some places in nature, even if they are not primordial, they are still beautiful. For instance, a clear cut forest creates opportunity for dormant seeds to grow.