Call for Artists

Fritz Hortsman Singing Tree

Call for Artists

Michigan Legacy Art Park (MLAP) is a 30-acre site where outdoor sculpture, education programs and performances celebrate Michigan history, culture and the environment. Today 50 works line the two-mile hiking trail system.

MLAP was founded in 1995 by the late artist, teacher and writer David Barr. The idea of MLAP took root in Barr’s desire to create a setting for artists to exhibit work in an outdoor environment that would “connect man to nature, nature to man, and transcend those boundaries without disturbing the balance.”

Five Needles by Michael McGillis

Five Needles
by Michael McGillis

Over the next three years, it is our strategic initiative to strengthen the impact of our collection and exhibits by involving artists in the following:

  • Projects that can be developed or built in the park,
  • Artist-in-residence programs,
  • Object-based works that can be loaned to or purchased by the Art Park,
  • Ephemeral works, or earthworks, created on site.

In all cases, projects or proposed works should be inspired by “the Michigan experience.” The committee encourages works that push the boundaries of traditional creative expression and artists who are open to collaboration and educational outreach.

At this time, the Art Park is not accepting submissions for works to be considered for its permanent collection. Thank you for your understanding in advance, and we look forward to accepting applications in the future.

Serpent Mound by Patricia Innis

Serpent Mound by Patricia Innis

When applications reopen, interested artists should submit the following: A one-page letter of interest explaining what is being proposed and the connection to Michigan’s history, culture, or environment. If applicable, the letter can be supplemented with 2-3 drawings and/or images of proposed work(s).

  • Documentation of the artist’s background and experience including: a brief resumé, an artist’s statement, and images of 10-20 works.
  • All documents must be compiled into a single .pdf file and sent to [email protected].
  • Artists selected to work with MLAP will be required to supply additional information. Visiting Michigan Legacy Art Park to gain a feel for the space is highly recommended.