Art Access for All – Final Phase

We have set a big goal for 2016, and you can be a part of it! Over the next few months, we will reach an incredible $500,000 for the Art Access for All campaign.

Thanks to many incredible donors, we are already 70% there, and your gift to the final phase of the campaign will impact the experience visitors have in the park for decades to come—through new permanent sculptures, unique spaces, and investments that grow.

This final phase will provide the necessary funds for these significant capital improvements:

  • New permanent sculptures for the collection
  • Construct Sanctuary, a unique space for quiet contemplation
  • Updating wayfinding and sponsor signs
  • Landscape with native plants for beautification and erosion control
  • Invest in the Michigan Legacy Art Park Endowment Fund

Visit the Art Access for All page for regular updates on the status of the campaign, details on what has been accomplished through this campaign, and the important new projects you can help make a reality for Michigan Legacy Art Park.

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