Simply Striking: “On the Way,” by artist John Merigian Stands Tall

At first glance, On the Way by artist John Merigian makes an impression. The height of this outdoor sculpture gives it the, “wow” factor. At 13 feet tall, it’s a striking piece that draws the viewer in for a closer look. It appears thin and fragile, yet being made of corten steel makes it exactly the opposite. Appearing to be in movement, On the Way is located in the entry area of the Art Park and appears to be ready to walk up the trail.

Artist John Merigian explains, “In their simplicity, the figures are accessible, and present a depth of emotion ranging from highly reflective and soulful, to joy filled and slightly humorous. Their complexity lies in the relationships that emerge with the space, lines, silhouettes, shadows, and each other.”

Walking around On the Way and viewing it from many different vantage points, observers will notice the subtle angles in the steel that bring this sculpture to life. It’s in the bend in the elbow and the knee. The profile of the face also conveys that this piece is on the move and on a mission.

Merigian says, “As my large sculpture is intended for outdoor installation, the movement of the crossing sun through the day is an integral part of creating constantly changing shadows and linear components. Additionally, when present, the element of snow further enhances the linear and geometric aspects of the sculpture.”

Michigan Legacy Art Park is excited to share, On the Way with the public for a two-year exhibit, which ends in spring of 2016.


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