Decoration Unseen

“Decoration Unseen” officially installed and in place until 2023 by Artist Crystal Scott.

“This concept comes to you from a desire to create a snake. A large metal snake, of the decorative variety. The same serpent body that sends fear down peoples spines to be sheathed in a metal, lace-like skin. I love snakes, perhaps my favorite animal. How can they not be? They of all creatures are the most aesthetically seductive: smooth like silk, shaded in any and every color, moves like a ribbon, and when held grips you like the tightest hug from whomever you love most in the world. Squeezing those firm tiny muscles behind the silken scales, completely molding to its support.

Most do not love snakes. Quite the opposite. Why? They are an important part of the ecosystem, vital predetor-prey component. It’s really a semiotic type of fear, triggered by preconceptions. Serpent mythology associated with Sin, linked to demons and monsters. A snowball effect of fears, starting from evolutionary cautions. Perhaps even because they are so different… the way they move and exist not making much sense. It’s so easy to expel what we can’t understand.

I also love Art. Not just art, but the contemplative task of understanding elemental basics. A mental challenge to remove oneself from preconceptions, mental baggage, and the very semiotic type of conclusions that influence our day to day survival: a true Battle of the Brain.

We ALL love ‘pretty’ things. By encasing the skeleton of a snake with an imperishable lace-skin, I am very directly saying ‘LOOK how beautiful!’ Love the snake form as I do. And then perhaps take a closer look around you and see how innately decorative Nature itself is.”- Crystal Scott