Decoration Unseen

Decoration Unseen

2020 – Carbon Steel
Size:  5’x 3’ x 4’
Crystal Scott, American, Born 1989

Most people do not love snakes. Quite the opposite. But why? They are an important part of the ecosystem, a vital predator-prey component.  It is because snakes are so different – the way they move and exist does not make much sense. It’s so easy to fear what cannot be understood.

The artist chose to work with the form of a snake, as a mental challenge to remove oneself from preconceptions, mental baggage, and the type of conclusions that influence our day-to-day survival. 

The artist encourages the viewer to consider what other decorative patterns can be found in nature nearby at the Art Park, and writes: “We all love ‘pretty’ things. By encasing the skeleton of a snake with an imperishable lace-skin, I am very directly saying, ‘LOOK! How beautiful!’” 

How many varieties of snakes are there in Michigan? How many varieties are endangered?

This artwork was supported by the Charles McGee Art Fund.