Amphitheater: $75,000
Discovery Grove: Maurice and Linda White
Barrier-free Trail:     $30,000
Welcome Hut & Gift Shop:   $20,000
Gateway/Arrival Area:  $20,000
Entry Gallery:     $20,000
Artist/Educator Hut:   $15,000
Amphitheater Box Seating Area: $15,000
Amphitheater Trail:       $10,000
Lower Loop:  $10,000
Upper Loop:   $10,000
Upper Trail Kiosk:   $5,000
Bench in arrival zone:   $5,000 (5 available)
Bench along barrier-free trail:  $5,000 (5 available)
Picnic table in gathering area:  $5,000 (5 available)


The monetary amount for each area is based on the location, visibility, and desirability of the area. The designation amount is not representative of the costs of the construction, installation, or the maintenance of the spaces.