Bring an Art Park artist into your classroom for a 50-minute workshop inspired by sculpture in the Art Park or for a longer residency for a unique learning experience. These programs make interdisciplinary connections and can be tailored to your specific curriculum needs. Or we can work with you to create something entirely new for your students.




Mixed Media Adventure: Nesting Birds

Nesting Birds 1Meets standards in social studies, art and science. Grades 3 – 5.





Symbolic Plaques: Personalizing the Core Democratic Values

Core Democratic Values 1Meets standards in social studies, language arts and art. Grade 5.



3-D Models: Special Places

Special Places 3Meets state standards in social studies, language arts, and art. Grades 2-8.



Illustration: Splatter Painting and Text

Splatter Painting 1Meets standards in language arts and art. Grades 8 – 12.