Can’t attend the Legacy Gala but want to support the Michigan Legacy Art Park?

Consider using a Proxy Bidder! Your Proxy Bidder will be an Art Park Volunteer who will place bids on your behalf and who will adhere to your maximum bid requirements.  That way you don’t have to miss out on any of the excitement–or the great deals. The process is quick and simple. Here’s how it works:

Step 1:


Step 2:

Preview the Auction items here. If there is an item you want to bid on, complete the Proxy Bidding Form indicating the highest value you are willing to pay (example: If an item is valued at $300 and you are willing to pay a maximum of $280, etc.). Submit the form to Art Park office no later than 4:30pm, Friday, August 19 with payment information.

 Step 3:

The night of the Auction, our volunteers will act on behalf of the proxy bidders following the incremental bid structure for each item. They will not immediately offer up your maximum bid. They will be trying to get the best deal for you and will therefore continue to bid on your behalf until you either win the item or your maximum bid is outbid by someone else. Here’s an example: You want to bid on a golf package valued at $400. You submit a maximum proxy bid of $380. The highest onsite bid is $250. The incremental bid price is $10 increments. The volunteer will attempt to win the package for $360 on your behalf.

 Step 4:

Make arrangements to pick up your item at the Art Park Office or email Renee Hintz, executive director or call her at 231-378-4963. Enjoy your prize!