Trailhead Greeter Instructions

As a greeter, you are the face and voice of the Art Park. Remember to smile and greet our visitors warmly. The following list will guide you through a successful experience.

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Download Description & Info About the Organization

To set up:

  • The key to the gatehouse is in a lockbox on the side of the building. The code is 1234. The key pad is finicky so be patient with it. The solid key opens the gatehouse. As soon as you open the door, return the key to the lockbox.
  • Set up display on table to include:
    • Trail maps, newsletters, Summer Sounds rack cards, Art Park brochure, membership envelope, youth activity guides, scout patch booklets
    • Bug spray, pencils (unsharpened)
    • Gift Shop Open sign
  • Open the desk so that guests can sign in (there is a latch on the lid to attach to the building)
  • Use the shift report to tally number of visitors (adults & children), record their comments that would be helpful to us, include the date and time frame you volunteered.
    • At the end of your shift, please leave this form as well as the visitor registration form, in the folder marked “completed forms for pick-up” in the clear plastic file box
  • To sell merchandise, please accept only cash or checks and record all sales on a Point of Sale sheet (POS)
    • Drop this money and POS sheet for Renee Hintz at the front desk of the Inn when you leave.

To interact with visitors:

  • Welcome everyone to the park
  • Encourage people to sign in and leave their email – they will be emailed a survey and we’d appreciate their feedback about their experience in the park
  • Offer maps and explain the colored blazes on the trees match the colors on the map
  • Encourage people to give a donation for admission at the green pipe – suggested $5 per adult and free for kids
  • Answer questions and offer bug spray
  • Offer kids activity guides or if they are Scouts, booklet to earn a patch
  • Chat with guests – ask them where they are from, how they heard about the park, etc.
  • Please jot down feedback on your shift form
  • Refer to the organization description on separate sheet or Michigan Legacy Art Park book by David Barr
  • Just be friendly and smile!

To clean up:

  • Put everything back in the gatehouse
  • Lock the door when you are done and be sure the key is in the lock box

Other helpful tips:

  • Please bring your own cell phone as the phone line does not work in the gatehouse
  • In case of emergency, please refer to the Emergency Protocol sheet posted in the gatehouse
  • Feel free to bring a book to read or other project to keep you occupied during slow times
  • Please call the park office if you have any questions: (231) 378-4963