Handmade Revolution

Handmade Revolution
2005 – Recycled aluminum
Size: 5’x 2′ x3′
Kara James, American

Handmade Revolution was inspired by the anti-consumerist, handmade movement that has been gaining momentum since not long before the creation of the artwork. James is a Michigan native and graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Kara or the artist shares, “As sure as the Sears Catalogue affected generations, and then the mall, now we have Etsy, and other platforms for work made by hand. The shape of Handmade Revolution was pieced together with scraps from the recycle bin and pounds of weld. The sculpture was made to champion the individual and the work that is made by hand, and to herald the efforts of artists and artisans for making it real, and for those that are still trying.”

Do you prefer handmade or machine-made objects? Why?

This artwork was supported by the Charles McGee Art Fund.