Monument to the innate and acquired presence of place

Monument to the Innate and Acquired Presence of Place

2010 – Aluminum, concrete, pewter, steel, and stainless steel
Cozette Phillips, American, Born 1976

The representation of elements within our environment offers both visual and physical reminders of our connection with nature. The sculpture is both fixed and ephemeral; cast metal tree bark from a Michigan White Pine encases bands of concrete, aluminum, and steel, the cross-section of a tree. With the passage of time and exposure to the elements, the steel bands will rust and impregnate the concrete within the sculpture.

Just as the rings of a living tree mark time, record and give physicality to a memory, this work does the same. By combining both man-made and natural elements, the artist highlights the fact that we are not separate from nature, but are in fact part of it. We have the power to impact, preserve and protect our surroundings.

In what ways can we use nature to see the passage of time?

To inquire about purchasing this sculpture, please contact Angie Quinn at (231) 378-4963

This artwork was supported by the Charles McGee Art Fund.