Saarinen’s Column

Saarinen’s Column by Chris Yockey

The sculpture is made from small structural I-beams, 5×5 inch, that have been mitered and welded to create a continuous line of 90-degree angles in space. The inspiration of this piece is from an architectural column located at Cranbrook Academy of Art in Michigan. This column, near the Academy Library building, is a freestanding column with a decorative linear pattern on the surface.

“My work represents an industrial age and presents characteristics of today’s modern age of technology. Through repetitive forms, mark making by the human hand, and precision of machines, my goal is to evoke human qualities to make for a more harmonious dialogue between the man-made object, nature, and human emotions. I am interested in the effects of an evolving industrialized world on our process as makers, from technology to craftsmanship. My work is exploring a balance of technology and hands on working methods to better understand the positive and negative effects of this digital age.” – Chris Yockey

Christopher Yockey was born and raised in metropolitan Detroit and currently lives and works in New York City. Yockey received his Master of Fine Arts from Cranbrook Academy of Art and a Bachelor in Arts from Elmira College. Christopher has participated in exhibitions in Beijing, China, The Peace Tower at The Whitney Museum of art, Frederick Meier Sculpture Park, Grand Rapids Art Museum, and New York City Park’s Department. Yockey is currently an artist in resident for the Athena Foundation, volunteer at Socrates Sculpture Park, and an artist assistant to Mark di Suvero.