Saarinen’s Column

Saarinen’s Column

2021 – Painted steel
Christopher Yockey, American, Born 1976

Saarinen’s Column is made from 5×5 inch I-beams, mitered and welded to create a continuous line of 90-degree angles in space. The inspiration for this piece was the decorative linear pattern found on an architectural column located at Cranbrook Academy of Art near Detroit.  The artist was moved to create a three-dimensional version of the pattern.

Yockey’s work is representative of the industrial age with characteristics of today’s age of technology. Through repetitive forms, mark-making by the human hand, and precision of machines, his goal is to evoke human qualities to make for a more harmonious dialogue between the man-made object, nature, and human emotions. 

His work explores a balance of technology and hands-on working methods to better understand the positive and negative effects of this digital age.

Can you imagine what your favorite pattern would look like if it were in three dimensions?

This artwork was supported by the Charles McGee Art Fund.