Weeping Willow sculpture by Les Scruggs sits at the center of Sanctuary

David Williams
Materials: Wood
Dimensions: 16′ x 16′
Installed: 2017

“Creative inspiration begins with meditation and contemplation,” began Williams’s proposal for Sanctuary. The Sanctuary’s structure embraces nature with a roof that is open to allow light to enter and air to freely flow.

Williams worked with David Barr for many years as a volunteer at the Art Park. After Barr’s death, Williams conceived and designed Sanctuary to honor his departed friend, the founder of Michigan Legacy Art Park. Barr created many sculptures and structures that are visual interpretations of mathematical and geometrical concepts. In design and tribute, Sanctuary includes four primary hexagons – can you find them all?

By honoring nature, art, and the memory of his friend, Williams creates a quiet and secluded place away from the trail where guests can relax mind and body, enabling creative inspiration to blossom through meditation and contemplation.

Weeping Willow sits at the center of Sanctuary, providing an organic lens for contemplation.

“How many steps are within your life?”

“To what heights do you aspire?”