Lois Teicher

Born 1938

Lois Teicher has been working as a sculptor for the last 35 years. Over the years she has shown her work in hundreds of exhibitions. In 2016 she had a one person at Robert Kidd Gallery in Birmingham, Mi, and a Retrospective at The Saginaw Art Museum, with a one person at The Dennos Museum Center, with work in the collection of both museums. Teicher has received many grants including The Governors Award for lifetime achievement, Pollock-Krasner, NY twice, The Maas Prize, and many more. Teicher’s focus has been in creating site specific work for public and private spaces. To date she has been commissioned to create work for Hudson’s Art Park, adjacent to The Scarab Club, Bishop International Airport, Adams Dairy Parkway in Blue Springs, Missouri, Downtown Detroit YMCA, Shir Shalom synagogue, and currently working on a site specific large scale piece for First Holding Management Co. in W. Bloomfield, Mi. She continues to work and create.

Artist Statement

I have been a professional sculptor for over thirty years. My journey has led me to search and understand the fundamental structure of the Universe. As I evolved as an artist I became aware of basic essential ideas, such as the existence of Time/Space continuum. This awareness resulted in my use of space as material, along with other basic essential ideas, such as duality held in dynamic tension and various aspects of energy. These ideas are interpreted and restated into three-dimensional forms. Themes used in my work directly from my search to understand and connect to the universal

A large part of my professional life is to seek and apply to calls for public sculpture commissions when opportunity presents. Simultaneously smaller pieces are fabricated in my studio, enabling me to express ideas that are current. My studio work is generally welded metal that I fabricate. the process of expressing ideas mostly emanates from a solitary inner experience that flows outward and takes he form of visual expression. My intention with both avenues of expression, i.e. public and private sculpture, is to express ideas in shape and form hoping that the viewer would notice, reflect upon, become aware of, and share in the experience.

Works in the Park

The Sculptor

This documentary was created by Joshua Teicher, filmmaker and son of the artist.

Part 1

Part 2