Humans, in their mythology and legends, have long populated the forest with spirits and magical beings.  Some of these, like the gnomes suggested by David Barr’s Fairy Ring, seem harmless or benign.  Jim Pallas brings a different kind of spirit to MLAP with Red Demon.  Far from a benevolent fairy, this demon is a member of the more frightening family of forest creatures.  Though not as malevolent as Big Foot or Windigo, a cannibalistic giant from Ojibwa tradition, Red Demon does, however, seem to be crawling up out of the earth to startle inattentive travelers.  In fact, Pallas originally designed the piece as a collection device for those who wished to contribute to the Park.  Although a more secure collection point is now at the Park entrance, Red Demon is still a reminder that the MLAP needs your support.

Look closely at Red Demon.  What are those things clutched in each hand?  A lizard?  A child?  There is always a story for monsters of the forest.

Jim Pallas has added Red Demon to the pantheon of spirits in this wood.  Now you can add your talent to that of the great storytellers.  Imagine your own tale.  Something for the next campfire, perhaps?

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