Michigan Legacy Art Park boasts a collection of 47 major works of art and 31 poetry stones. Each sculpture and each poem help to express the Michigan experience, giving each visitor a more personal connection to the people, events and natural resources that continue to shape our great state.

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Sculpture List

Sawpath Series by David Barr
Serpent Mound by Patricia Innis
Stockade Labyrinth by David Barr
Man in his Element by John Sauvé
Secret Passion by David Greenwood
Five Needles by Michael McGillis
Solar Month by David Barr
Bonnet by Lois Teicher
Masonry Vessel by Joe Zajac
Reaching Out by Sergio DeGiusti
Hemingway Haunts by Patricia Innis
Harbinger by Robert Caskey
Sawpath Series No. 2 by David Bar
Satisfaction from Nature by Byung Chan Cha
Mysterious Traveler by David Petrakovitz
Fairy Ring by David Barr
The Trap by Anonymous Artist
Big Two Hearted by David Barr
Logging Camp by Patricia Innis
Inside a Historical Mystery: Mounds by Rebecca Nagle
The Wheels of Progress by Dewey Blocksma
Frog by William Allen
Nurture/Nature by David Barr
Singing Tree by Fritz Horstman
Unravel by Sandra Osip
Fallen Comrade by David Greenwood
Sawpath Series No. 3 by David Barr
Robins! by Patricia Innis
A.M. by Kaz McCue
Complements by Caroline Court
Ontonagon by John Richardson
Grommet by Michael McGillis
The Water Brought the Trees by Pamela Ayres
Red Demon by Jim Pallas
Superior by Brian Ferriby
Sawpath Series No. 4 by David Barr
Diversity by David Barr
Untitled by Martin Puryear
Sawpath Series No. 5 by David Barr
Clan Symbols No. 1 by Lois Beardslee
Barn Chair by Gary Kulak

Coasting the baseline by David Barr
Tribute to White-Tailed Deer by Sandra Osip
Table and Chairs No. 3 by Nolan Simon
Michigan by Brian Ferriby