Become an Art Park Tour Guide

How to Become an Art Park Tour Guide

Volunteers are the life-blood of Michigan Legacy Art Park. From those who help organize bulk mailings, plan big events like Summer Sounds and the Legacy Gala, all the way to our Board of Directors, it is the joint efforts of many who love this place that keep it moving forward.

One of the most critical and fun roles is that of an Art Park Tour Guide. These volunteers lead groups throughout the seasons, including hundreds of students on field trips every single year.

You don’t have to be an art expert to lead these tours. This is a great role for someone who loves Michigan Legacy Art Park and would enjoy helping others have a great experience in the park.

See What Fits

One of the easiest ways to start is to simply take one minute to submit our volunteer interest form. This easy form lets you see a variety of areas to get involved, and lets us know which are of most interest to you. Of course, you are welcome to contact us directly as well.

View the Form Here

Join the Training.

All new tour guides participate in a two-hour training with our staff. You’ll receive tips on how to lead a successful hike, as well as a trail guide with info on all the sculptures in the park. The training also includes time spent in the park and plenty of opportunities to ask questions of our staff.

Training Details

Watch and Learn

Once training is completed, all new tour guides spend time shadowing experienced guides before they lead their own group. This is a really great opportunity to see how the other guides work with the students, engage them with questions at each sculpture, and even how they manage their time to give students the best experience possible.

Enjoy Your Group

Once you are ready, our staff will work with you to schedule dates for field trips and other groups. It is truly a delight to see the wonder in students’ eyes as they make connections between the artwork, the surroundings, their classroom studies, and their own experiences.

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