Fall Clean-up With Community Partners

Thompsonville, Mich. – Michigan Legacy Art Park is a wooded, 30-acre cultural destination featuring 45 major works of art, 30 poetry stones, an amphitheatre, hiking trails and education programs. The rural and rugged location is a surprising and unconventional place for outdoor sculpture – but that is what makes it an intriguing place for discovery and learning. While over ten thousand people visit the Art Park each year, there are two people who stand out as volunteers dedicated to keeping it beatiful and natural. David Williams and Norm Ling are both full-time residents at Crystal Mountain and spend countless hours in the Art Park each year making sure the trails are safe and beautiful. Raking, trimming trees, spreading wood chips, installing new signs and clearing downed branches are just some of the things David and Norm do in their free-time. But at the change of seasons, the work is often too big for just two men. This spring and fall, Will Manty of Goodwill Industries of Northern Michigan scheduled the Goodwill Greenscaping Crew to work alongside David and Norm. Art Park friend and local landscaping business owner Dave Kiefer offered his trailer for use in the effort.

Will Manty brought his crew to work in the Art Park Wednesday and Thursday, November 7 and 8. The crew along with David Williams and Norm Ling delivered two trailer loads of chips to the Fort. The crew completed clearing leaves and distributing the woodchips at the Fort. They delivered three loads of chips to the Amphitheater area and the Goodwill crew spread chips throughout the seating area. Another load of woodchips was delivered to the picnic area at the trailhead. "Again we had a great crew from the Goodwill," commented Norm Ling. "Will, Mike, Marcus and Matt accomplished a lot. And without Dave Kiefer’s trailer we would have had nothing but piles of chips."

Volunteer opportunities are available May through November each year. If you are interested in working alongside David and Norm to beautify the Art Park, please call Renee at (231) 378-4963. To learn about all of the volunteer jobs available at the Art Park, please visit our website.

To learn more about Goodwill Industries of Northern Michigan, click here

About Dave Kiefer: Dave has been in business for 20 years helping people in Manistee and Benzie Counties with complete home and property care. To learn more about his business services, call (231) 383-0952.

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