Lake Michigan Sculpture to be Dedicated to Millikens

Marilyn L. Wheaton at Legacy Gala

Marilyn L. Wheaton Announces Sculpture Dedication to Millikens

Lake Michigan’s stunning shoreline is only 12 miles west of Michigan Legacy Art Park.  But for future visitors to the the Art Park, the Great Lake will appear to be only an arm’s-length away.

A sculpture depicting Lake Michigan is currently being completed by artist Brian Ferriby.  The second largest Great Lake by volume, Lake Michigan will be the second Great Lake depicted in sculpture at Michigan Legacy Art Park.  Ferriby’s Superior, made from oxidized steel, is already included in the park’s growing collection.

To honor their legacy of conservation and environmental protection, the Michigan sculpture will be dedicated to former Governor William Milliken and First Lady Helen Milliken. The couple was recently honored at the Art Park’s annual Legacy Gala as recipients of the 2011 Legacy Award.  Marilyn L. Wheaton, president of the Art Park’s board of directors, announced the sculpture dedication to the Millikens during her speech to Legacy Gala attendees.

“Created like a topographical map, the sculpture will depict Lake Michigan. Like Superior, a Brian Ferriby sculpture already in the Art Park, Michigan will visually address water conservation, water usage and the role the Great Lakes have played throughout the history of Michigan,” said Wheaton.

The Lake Michigan sculpture will be officially dedicated to William and Helen Milliken during a May 20, 2012 ceremony.  Brian Ferriby is planning to create sculptures of all five Great Lakes for Michigan Legacy Art Park.

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