This workshop meets curriculum standards in social studies, art and science

Nesting Birds 1 Nesting Birds 2





Students will create fanciful 3-D birds in nests using pine cones, feathers and other materials while learning about the American Robin and how it became Michigan’s state bird.


Grades: 3-5

Length: One 50-minute class

Price: $250 a day for a single class of 30 students or up to three back-to-back classes

Materials: $15 per class

Materials: Teacher provides watercolor paper, paper and acrylic paint.


Art Park artist, Patricia Innis, will introduce the project with a visual presentation about the creation of her own “Robins!” environmental sculpture at Michigan Legacy Art Park. She will also talk about how the American Robin became Michigan’s most wide spread songbird.


Students will create bird nest out of excelsior (wood shavings), string, thread and other things real birds might use for nesting. Then they create fanciful birds by gluing feathers to pine cones (3-5 feathers per bird). Large pine cones can be mother birds and small ones babies. Students can also make eggs out of model magic self-drying clay.


Call (231) 378-4963 to schedule and for more information.

Michigan Legacy Art Park artist: Patricia Innis

Core Democratic Values 1Patricia Innis is an environmental artist and painter who has exhibited her paintings and participated in environmental art projects throughout the Midwest. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Bowling Green State University and Master of Fine Arts degree from Maharishi International University. As a committed educator, Innis has been a University Professor, curator and gallery manager. She is currently the Director of Education for Michigan Legacy Art Park. She has worked closely with schools in northwest Michigan for over ten years, leading workshops and doing residencies.