This residency meets state curriculum standards in social studies, language arts, and art

Special Places 1 Special Places 2 Special Places 3





Using recycled and found material students will create three-dimensional models of a place in their neighborhood, city or state that is special to them. They will also write a paragraph, poem or story about their special place.



Grades 2-5, 6-8

Length:  50 minutes a class for 4 days (can be one day a week for 4 weeks.

Price: $225 a day for a single class of 30 students or up to three back-to-back classes

Materials: Teacher supplies 12x 12 inch cardboard squares to  build to models on.


Art Park artist, Patricia Innis, introduces the project by talking about places that were special to her as a child and special to her today including Michigan Legacy Art Park where she has several works art.  Students draw a picture of their special place. Then they usedrecycled and found materials such as cardboard, bottle caps, tissue paper, pinecones, twigs, pebbles, shells and other things to create their three-dimensional models. When finished students will write a paragraph, poem or story about their special place.


This project requires several volunteers to help with hot glue gunning.


“I have already seen that students are using what they learned in this special 3-D project in their next project. They are carrying the knowledge of art as personal experience into their drawings and paintings”

Eileen Millard

Art Teacher

Frankfort/ Elberta Area Elementary School


“The special places project effortlessly places students in a project that requires all levels of problem solving. The students begin the project by creating a visual representation of their idea and then are forced to solve engineering problems. They construct and invent, while all the time monitoring their progress by comparing their results with their original memory. It is a fascinating project to watch unfold.”

Kristine Harvey

Art Teacher

Frankfort /Elberta Area Elementary School


Michigan Legacy Art Park artist: Patricia Innis

Core Democratic Values 1Patricia Innis is an environmental artist and painter who has exhibited her paintings and participated in environmental art projects throughout the Midwest. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Bowling Green State University and Master of Fine Arts degree from Maharishi International University. As a committed educator, Innis has been a University Professor, curator and gallery manager. She is currently the Director of Education for Michigan Legacy Art Park. She has worked closely with schools in northwest Michigan for over ten years, leading workshops and doing residencies.