This residency meets state curriculum standards in language arts and art.

Splatter Painting 1 Splatter Painting 2 Splatter Painting 3





Students will create poems or text that relate to Michigan’s natural environment and illustrate them with splatter painting. The artist will work with teachers to tailor the project to fit the needs of the class.


Grades 8-12

Length:  50 minutes for one class for 5 to 8 days depending on the text to be created. Price: $225 a day for a single class of up to 30 students or up to three back-to-back classes

Materials: Teacher supplies watercolor paper and acrylic paint


Art Park artist, Patricia Innis, starts the residency with a slide show of her own artwork, which includes paintings using splatter techniques. She will help students write poems or whatever type of text the teacher prefers. Then she will instruct students in stencil making and in splatter painting. They will use these techniques to illustrate their poem or text.


“Students were hooked by Patricia’s extensive body of work. Many were impressed that she had artwork at an airport. She cemented her artistic status with students by teaching them splatter painting: how to control it, how to layer it and how to create images with it. Even now, months after her initial visit, there are kids who are using the techniques in their art journals or in their art projects.

Amanda Mobley

Brethern High School/ Middle School Art Teacher


Michigan Legacy Art Park artist: Patricia Innis

Core Democratic Values 1Patricia Innis is an environmental artist and painter who has exhibited her paintings and participated in environmental art projects throughout the Midwest. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Bowling Green State University and Master of Fine Arts degree from Maharishi International University. As a committed educator, Innis has been a University Professor, curator and gallery manager. She is currently the Director of Education for Michigan Legacy Art Park. She has worked closely with schools in northwest Michigan for over ten years, leading workshops and doing residencies.