Michigan in Motion


Science and social studies teachers, this year’s field trip theme is for you. A trip to Michigan Legacy Art Park is a chance for students to look at classroom subjects from a different angle—expanding their thinking, making curriculum connections, and opening the door for future discoveries.

By engaging with the artwork in the park and participating in the creative process through guided activities, students make enlightened connections to their classroom curriculum on field trips to the Art Park.

To schedule a field trip, contact Education Director, Patricia Innis.

Email Patricia Innis

Or call the Art Park office: 231-378-4963

Field Trips Include

  • Guided Tour
  • Environmental art project
  • Stewardship opportunities
  • Or teachers can design an experience that best meets the students’ needs

Payment Information

  • Cost: $3 per student and adult
  • Payment on day of outing via check (payable to: Michigan Legacy Art Park), or request an invoice.
  • Teachers are encouraged to apply for grants to help with costs associated with field trips.

NEW! Transportation Grant

Michigan Legacy Art Park now has grants available to help defray the travel costs associated with your field trip.

Download Grant Application

IMG_4654 “It was wonderful to see my students so engaged and enthusiastic about the environmental art project. The field trip gave us much to write about when we returned to school. I had no problem teaching the class to use sensory detail in their descriptions about their favorite sculpture.”

Clarissa Wright, Frankfort Elementary

Why create themes for Field Trips?

While students love seeing all the artwork at the park, we have found that kids get more out of their experience when they are able to slow down and spend time with just a few of the artworks.

  • Make deeper connections between art and classroom studies
  • More meaningful personal engagement with the art
  • Creates more opportunities to exercise their imagination
  • Provides unique experience each year a student visits

Activities to enhance a field trip

These activities can be done in preparation for, during, or after a field trip to further engage students and get more from their day in the park.

The Wheels of Progress by Dewey Blocksma


Throughout history wind has been used as a source of energy first propelling boats then grinding grain, pumping water and generating electricity.

Related Artwork

  • Wheels of Progress, Dewey Blockma
  • Five Needles, Michael McGillis
  • Fallen Comrade, David Greenwood
Big Two-Hearted by David Barr


The lakes and rivers of the Great Lakes Basin are unique eco systems that also have provided transportation, food and water supply. They also serve as great recreational spaces today!

Related Artwork

  • The Big Two Hearted, David Barr
  • Michigan and Superior, Brian Ferriby
Ontonagon by John Richardson

March of Michigan History

The artwork in the park is all inspired by the “Michigan experience.” Some works not only suggest a historical event or topic, but also the march of time—how Michigan’s history has played out over time and continues to effect the future.

Related Artwork

  • Ontonagon, John Richardson
  • Stockade Labyrinth, David Barr
  • Logging Camp, Patricia Innis